Sunday Morning Worship Guidelines

Dear Church,

We pray that you are well and experiencing the sustaining grace of our Lord Jesus.

Moving forward we will be gathering at the building for corporate worship. In conjunction there will be a livestream to accommodate those who are unable or chose not to attend. We recognize that some of us we will not be able to join the in-person worship service, but we do think it’s prudent to begin meeting together as regularly as we can. There will be various opinions and feelings related to our in-person gatherings. Therefore, we ask that you pray. First, pray for the Church (SGCP). Pray that we will grow in the knowledge, image and ministry of Christ as we continue to be the worshiping community God’s called us to be. Pray for unity, peace and harmony to characterize our fellowship together. Second, pray for your leaders. Please pray that we would lead wisely and according to God’s word. Thirdly, we would ask that you would pray specifically for those who will be unable to meet due to being in the “High-risk”, or pre-existing conditions category. Church, we have a great opportunity to deepen our love and care for one another through this reunion. Let’s submit our ways to him and trust that he’s working in us and through us for his good pleasure. If you have questions about the details, or anything related to how we’re moving forward, we’d ask that you first watch the following video and then feel free to reach out to any one of us. Finally, below are four main guidelines that we’ll be following to serve one another.


Yours in Christ,





General Guidelines for Sunday Worship:

1. We will serve one another by configuring the sanctuary to allow for some level of social distancing


2. We will serve one another by sanitizing the common area’s regularly.


3. We will not be serving one another with our usual form of childcare.


4. We will serve one another by each family unit seeking what is considerate and loving of others and wise and prudent for us.


Schedule Additions:


a. We will begin meeting again on the second and fourth Wednesday’s for ministry prayer night. We’ll meet at 7pm. This will begin on Wednesday the 13th .


b. We will be meeting for prayer on Tuesday mornings at 7am. We will also gather on zoom at 7am Tuesdays.