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Acrobat xi prois nornot compatability. A: Yes, you should consider removing that software. It is pretty old and it has been replaced by a newer product - PDFX-2. If you have a licensing agreement with Adobe, you can check how long Adobe supports the product and may ask to cancel your licensing. #TBT: YSN Concert in November 2011 When you see YSN on stage in Jakarta, it feels like it was just yesterday. Because in fact, it was only three years ago that these boys are even making an appearance on Jakarta stage. Back then they’re still just a group of schoolmates and together as a 5-piece band. Time flies and in just a few years they’re already boasting an impressive list of endorsements, sold-out concert venues and of course, an amazing album ‘MY AFRICA’. I had the pleasure of interviewing them on this particular November 2011, right after the release of their first EP ‘Salsa’. This was also the first time I’ve ever met YSN in person. Can’t believe it’s been three years! Although some things have changed, like they moved from their dorm room to a house in Jakarta. You may not believe it, but they are actually so humble. They didn’t think they’re famous until I told them about it. Just three years ago, they were just starting out. They owe a lot of their success to their fans, the media and of course, YSN’s long-time manager, Z. So I asked them “How did you feel when we first met?” They said “We were kinda confused. We’re new on the scene and you know we’re not as famous as our contemporaries”. I was like “Haha, I know how you feel, I remember when I first met my then-boyfriend”. They laughed it off “Haha, we’re not that new! You guys should’ve seen the first time we did a mini-concert at Bandung!” Their first concert in Indonesia was held in August 2011 at the legendary Restro Bar. Those who attended that night became instant fans of YSN. Not because the music was amazing, but because of the show itself, how they handled the fans and their reactions




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Adobe Acrobat Xi Pro Crack Amtlib.dll filiraim

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